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High Tech’s Next Challenge: Tech With Impact for Super Agers

January 27, 2021

This is an issue that is possibly one of the most significant as there are more and more Super Agers and increasing possibilities for tech innovation. Let me know your thoughts.

Being a Women in Her 70s – A Joyous Experience

January 29, 2019

  “By our seventies, we’ve had decades to develop resilience. Many of us have learned that happiness is a skill and a choice. We don’t need to look at our horoscopes to know how our day will go. We know how to create a good day.” Thank you, Mary Pipher. This is one of the […]

The Grandparenting Miracle – Expressed

June 14, 2018

Ever wish you could express the miracle of becoming a grandparent but just couldn’t find the right words?

Music and Memory: Why You Should Be Listening to Mozart Right Now

May 23, 2018

Ever realize that, even though you might temporarily blank on your oldest child’s name, you can still recall every lyric of the popular songs of your teen years? This would come as no surprise to the researchers of a study on music and the aging process. In fact they have tested not only the positive […]

Raising the Grandkids – With Rules

October 5, 2017

With life expectancy on the rise, many grandparents who live near their grandkids are healthy enough and in a position to help their (often overcommitted) kids raise the next generation. But that means grandparents have to help their kids discipline the grandkids as needed. If we’re consistent authority figures but insist on only spoiling them, […]

Our Favorite Life Stories. What’s Yours?

September 1, 2017

When you’re getting ready to write your own LifeStories, we’ve found that for building momentum there is almost nothing as downright effective as spending some time wandering through memoirs of others. And, though most of us can’t claim to be a Hemingway (his “A Movable Feast” is rightfully included in the Amazon editors’s top 100 […]

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